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About Matthew

Matthew is a visual storyteller focused in the cinematic and photographic mediums.  His dedication to understanding the physical and intrinsic value of the feeling each story provides has proven valuable when creating branding and marketing materials for his clients.  Matthew’s art is diverse, working in many areas of industry. He strives to understand the story that needs to be told no matter what the subject; from adventure off-roading to contemporary jazz and blues to custom firearm artisans.


Matthew really started his career with his first internship working in the camera department at Iowa Public Television, and it was there while working on a documentary that he found his calling.  From that point on he has been dedicated to finding the real story inside every project he undertakes and translating it to a visual format.  These days Matthew is best known for his still and video work in the outdoor industry, and was instrumental in establishing the Creative studios for Brownells Inc. nearly 14 years ago. Since then he has managed both the video and photography studios and produced award-winning content for Brownells and their clients.  I


Matthew’s photography can be seen on the covers of books, albums, websites, and has graced the pages of many international publications. His still photography covers a wide range, from tabletop product still lifes, to action lifestyles, and to everything in between.  On the video side, Matthew has directed and shot everything from corporate branding videos to international screen documentaries.  His real passion is staying behind the camera and creating the look and feel of each and every frame. 


Bachelor of Art Degree in Communications :Emphasis in Video

Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography/New Media

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri

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